The Benefits Of Tinting Your Home

1. UV (Ultraviolet) Ray Protection

So, you can’t control when the sun shines, but you can control how protected you are from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Exposure to UV Rays is the leading cause of skin cancer and may also cause skin wrinkles. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, Window tint is recommended as part of a comprehensive skin care program. On top of that, UV rays can also cause your furniture to fade and deteriorate faster than normal. We offer numerous window tints that blocks more than 99% of all UV rays, ranging from light grey to the darkest titanium, that can protect you and your home from the suns UV rays while providing the look and style you desire.

2. Reduce Heat & Glare

The summer months can be uncontrollably hot but there is a way to protect your home from the heat and stay cool. Our window tints offer a way to reflect the suns UV rays away and prevent your home from absorbing heat. Save on your utility bills because your home is better protected against the heat. Tired of having to squint to see inside your own home or can’t view your computer or television due to the sun’s rays? Our wide variety of tints also keep out the pesky glare from the sun and allow you to see comfortably in your home.

3. Safety & Security

There are plenty of different window tint styles and we want you to choose which style is perfect for you and your home. We offer free estimates and come right to your home for all the measurements and discussion on the options. Do you want to ensure you and your family are safe? Do you want to rest easier knowing your home is better protected against storms and strong winds? Our security window film provides your windows with security similar to the safety glass found on your car and prevent against breaking.

4. Privacy & Curb Appeal

Maybe, instead of safety and security, you’re looking to bring in some more privacy to your home. Our window tints allow you to customize your windows and give your home the look you’ve always dreamed of. Want to add privacy to your windows? Our solar film allows you to choose from our wide spectrum of tints, from clear to dark, to make your windows as dark as you would like. Do you feel like your neighbors are a little too close? Add some privacy with our mirror window tint option so visibility into your home is taken away. Additionally, we also provide our clients with accessory window films like our decorative films. These films allow clients to add some privacy to their bathroom or door windows.

5. Energy-Savings

Are you spending a fortune on air conditioning costs just to keep your home cool? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 43% of a home utility bill goes to heating and cooling. As it was mentioned earlier, our tints help you save significantly on energy costs in your home. Installing window tint is also a more affordable alternative to replacing your windows. By allowing your home to be protected from the sun’s heat from our energy saving window films, the money you would spend to keep your home cool with air conditioning can be spent somewhere else. Ultimately, the savings that you will enjoy from our window tints will pay for themselves in your bills.

6. Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Furniture

Have you ever noticed that your furniture fades over time? What about your carpets and blinds? This happens due to UV rays shining in through your homes windows and slowly deteriorating the exterior of your furnishings. To prevent this from happening, our residential window tintsprovide protection from UV rays that help to prolong the lifespan of your furniture and carpets, giving you the luxury of more time between furnishing purchases.

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Austin Texas Home Residential Window Tinting Service / Free Estimates